Pre-Med Pathway

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Pre Med Overview
If you want medical school to be part of your future, what better place to prepare you for that experience than a College where all of the academic programs are grounded in science and focused on human health?

Add to that our location in a health care corridor that includes three major hospitals within walking distance of the campus and the state’s public health laboratory next door, and you have all the ingredients in place to realize your dream of becoming a physician.

At ACPHS, you also have the flexibility to choose among three bachelor's degree programs as you pursue your Pre-Med Studies. And don’t worry about the choice of program affecting your chances for being a successful medical school applicant. In the past two years, ACPHS students from each of these three programs have been accepted to medical school. Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is one of the best pre med schools.
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Pre-Med Course Guidelines
Our Pre-Med course guidelines have been developed to fulfill the academic requirements for admission to the majority of medical schools and can be easily integrated into the curricula of our bachelor's programs. The guidelines also include a list of courses recommended for MCAT preparation.

As some requirements vary by institution, you are encouraged to consult the medical schools you wish to apply in order to ensure you meet all of your desired school's prerequisite requirements. Should you have any questions, you can always reach out to your academic or faculty advisor.
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How We Help You Get There
The College’s Medical Professions Advisory Committee (MPAC) is here to provide support on your medical school journey. The Committee will help guide you through the application process and assist with the review and organization of your core application materials such as your resume, personal statement, and letters of reference. Application for MPAC assistance typically takes place 1 ½ years before you are set to graduate.

The College's American Medical Student Association chapter offers additional support by arranging meetings with physicians, organizing visits to regional medical schools, and helping facilitate hands-on experiences.

Students enrolled in any of the Bachelor's programs at the College have the opportunity to apply to for early admission to the Albany Medical College M.D. program (7 years). Similarly, students interested in applying for early admission to D.O. programs (7 or 8 years) at LECOM or NYIT can also apply for early admission while enrolled at ACPHS.
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Stand Out with Research Experience
Medical school is extremely competitive, and while have a strong GPA is important, you can distinguish yourself as a top candidate through research experience.

Research is a core component of academic life at ACPHS, and the size of our school means opportunities are available for students to get involved with research as early as their first year. Whether you wish to do traditional lab-based research, analyze population health data, or something in between, there's a strong chance we can connect you with a faculty mentor on campus.

And if there is not someone at the College doing research in your area of interest, we can leverage the College's expansive network of affiliates to help find you an opportunity with one of our heath care or corporate partners.